Posted by: emmacraig | November 16, 2009

I can’t get no sleep…

I am a notorious worrier. Late at night I lie awake and worry. Did I turn the oven off? What about the hall light? Is the back door locked? While this may not seem particularly relevant to a careers blog, last night one thing kept me awake.  Wait for it…..Oh my god I want to stay in Newcastle.

This may not seem like such a big deal to some of you. Perhaps you were born and raised in Newcastle and never had any intention of leaving. Perhaps you’ve just assumed you’ll stay or are busy making plans to travel the world or get a job in London. But for me this is a new and entirely frightening prospect. I’m a nomad by personality; my family never stayed in one spot for long while growing up and I just assumed come graduation I would go wherever the best job took me. I may still do just that and take off into the distance (you never know I may yet land some work experience at the BBC and end up with my dream job writing their health stories) but overwhelmingly I don’t want to leave behind a place where I’ve had so many good times and met so many good people.

You won’t like what I’m about to say. If you’re a first or second year you’ll think it’s too far off to have relevance. If you’re a final year student like me then you probably just don’t want to think about it. But if it’s staying here or working in Timbuktu that is your post-uni prerogative it’s never too soon to take action. Thankfully I live with some rather delightful flatmates who even at 3am were willing to sit there and talk me through a plan of action (albeit in between bouts of call of duty). Today has been spent firing off emails to the Centre for Life begging for some volunteer experience (working with kids in some sciency context is a vague back-up plan) and asking them if their fabled PR department my PhD friend thinks exits actually does. I will at some point get round to approaching the BBC centre and grovelling for a spot of work experience there too. I’ll let you all know how successful I am (and therefore how useful stealing my ideas will be!).

P.s. apologies-3 hours sleep does not make for the most conductive writing conditions. I can only hope my emails were worded a little more eloquently!

P.p.s I’d also like to point out that the careers service being fab has beaten me to it on the whole original idea of talking to the centre for life!  May I present this lovely interview to you


  1. If you’re thinking about staying in the region after graduation, make sure you take a look at our Working in the North East webpage!

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