Posted by: brad3091 | November 23, 2009

How to blag your way through life.

Blagging is the most useful tool in the world of getting a job.  End of discussion.  Yes, to a certain extent, I think it’s inherited, c.f. my father using a random credit card to talk his way into VIP check-in and upgrade to a suite at a hotel which had no obligation whatsoever to do so…

Although blagging is something of an artform, the only way you get better is by practicing.  A year or so ago, I made a resolution to enter every competition I saw, apply for every brand manager position, submit something to every writing competition…you get the idea.

Since then, I’ve been given £500 and three months car rental to write a blog, been sent all over the country to take pictures, given a £300 phone for free, am still in the running for a European trip and am about to have a story published in a New York magazine’s yearly hardback book.  I know it sounds like I’m bragging (which to an extent, I am…look at all my awesome stuff! haha) but I’m just trying to show you how if you don’t try, you don’t get.  Yes, I’ll elaborate on some of the above stories in the future by the way…

Of course, the same goes for job applications as well…the more CVs, applications etc that you put out there, the more interviews and callbacks you’ll get.  Even if you then don’t succeed at that stage, it’s all good practice; a lot of companies will give you feedback on how you did.

So get out there and start trying…just don’t steal any of the things that I want!

p.s. Gave up on the moustache.

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