Posted by: emmacraig | November 27, 2009

No Pain, No Gain…

The above is a photo of me last year.  As you can see in my little profile picture I’m not pink haired any more.  In fact these days I’m your regular blonde.

Here is my burning confession of shame.  I miss it so much!  Every morning I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see.  I miss being colourful and standing out, the funny looks from people in the street and kiddies pointing at me.  But with one year of Uni left why not dye it back you say?

Life is all about give and take.  You can’t expect to go through life and never have to sacrifice anything to get where you want.  It kills me a little inside to think that I gave up what I see as a huge aspect of my personality just to make myself seem a little more acceptable for work experience I may never get.  But I’ve got to do it.  I’m sure when I’m 40 and I look back being blonde won’t seem like such a huge deal any more and I’ll have no regrets.  But for now it’s the biggest sacrifice I’ve made towards building a future career.

Perhaps for you it’s not your hair colour.  It could be something big like the city you want to live in or the wage you want to earn.  It could be something small like trading a night out for an evening writing a cv and chasing up potential work experience.  At some point sacrifice is inevitable when you are hunting for a career, and when that time comes you have to be determined to throw everything you have at it.  Because if you don’t then someone else will.

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