Posted by: brad3091 | December 15, 2009

NWE (Newcastle Work Experience)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on an NWE placement one day a week.  Despite the fact that I’m doing an MA in Modern & Contemporary Cultures, my placement is of the e-marketing variety.  This is something I’ve had a lot of experience before, working on viral campaigns for Sony Ericsson, Vice & The Guardian.  E-marketing is a fairly vague concept, seemingly useless playing around on Facebook that would get you fired by Alan Sugar (yeah, i didn’t put Sir, whatcha gonna do about it!).

In truth, it is pretty weird; when I’m sitting in the Theatres Sans Frontieres office on Tuesdays, I sometimes forget that I don’t have to hide Facebook when people walk by; it’s what I’m meant to be doing.  That said, there’s a little bit more to it than that – from creating a MailChimp account to send out batch newsletters to creating a blog for a tour in Tunisia (plug –, should be pretty interesting when it gets going) and even attending photoshoots of stuff to go on the website, I’m really learning a lot here.

A £600 pound bursary for 100 hours [negotiated upon acceptance of a post] is pretty decent pay, and not getting paid until the end of my contract means it’ll feel like a little lottery win…With a massive range of placements, I’d really recommend checking NWE on Vacancies Online, accessible through the Careers Service website.  I’ve even heard stories that there’s a placement with a woman who promotes some of the top hip hop moguls in the USA…nice.


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