Posted by: jessla | December 20, 2009

There’s no time like the present….

I’m going to begin this blog by letting you know how embarrassed I am that it’s my first post this year. The reason being that blogging required writing about life after uni, which involved thinking about life after uni, which makes me feel increasingly uneasy the closer it gets. So, logically (or not) I decided to put that whole thought process on hold and concentrate on completing assignments, hence the lack of bloggage. It seems I still haven’t realised that ignoring something doesn’t make it go away and, like many other students, I’m settled back home for Christmas now facing the inevitable question from family members and friends about what exactly I am doing with my life next year.
So….what am I doing? I am graduating, and then hopefully I’ll go travelling in the summer, then go and live back home (small squeek!), get a full time job to earn some money whilst applying for graduate jobs for 2011 and getting a TEFL qualification (Teaching English as a foreign language for those of you not down with the acronyms). Having applied for graduate jobs I’m planning on going abroad around Febuary time, teach English and do more travelling. Then when I return a few months down the line I will hopefully be considerably more employable, if not already employed. Ta daa!
Ok, if I take my rose tinted spectacles off I can see how overly optimistic this plan is. But it is a plan never the less, and one that needs kicking into action in the not so distant future. I’m going to begin by researching TEFL qualifications and organise getting one sorted, and it’s time to do something scary like book flights for next summer. There’s a lot to plan, and I’m trying to remember to see it as a fantastic opportunity, rather than a very intimidating task.
So there it is, a post at last! On Christmas week no less… at the moment it’s all about getting some uni work in between cooking festive treats, playing in the snow and rolling around in wrapping paper. And preparing to go into 2010 with a game plan for the future 🙂 It’s helpful thinking ahead, but I intend to live in the moment too. Merry Christmas!


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