Posted by: samniaz | December 24, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Heard of the saying ‘be careful with what you wish for’? Well that proverb has certainly sprung to my mind this week- living in the sticks has left me housebound (I & Austin (my green batmobile) are snowed in) alongside my OAP parents over the past week.

I’m tearing my hair out- I am now bald.

They never warn you of the adjustment period needed when returning home for the holidays :). It’s 1130am & I am extremely sleep deprived (the recent exams have turned me into a vampire- I sleep during the day & am wide awake at night). My darling father storms into my bedroom (on my first morning back might I add) throwing my duvet onto the floor ‘Schmoo (my family nickname), Schmoo!! Wake up breakfast is on the table!!’. My first emotion is intense irritation (I’m not used to anyone waking me up anymore & to worsen matters I’m suffering from SAD syndrome) but this quickly dissipates as the aroma of my Mum’s cooking makes its way up the staircase. I DETEST being woken up in the morning but in contrasting amplitude LOVE being cooked for :).

So…my day begins with ‘morning’ chores. Mum’s just given the house a facelift and I have been given the task of spring cleaning. In my Dad’s drawer I spot his mercury tube manometer blood pressure kit. I’m surprised I recognised the antique. ‘Dad can I bin this?’ He replied ‘Use it when you qualify’. Hmmmm…..`Thanks Dad’. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that technology has advanced since he graduated in the 60s.

Okay…so back to the ‘be careful with what you wish for?’ I knew full well what I was letting myself in for before applying for medicine (& I urge all prospective medical students to do the same) and I realise that student days are the best….but I can imagine how many people are blinded by hospital based drama shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs.

No, I’m afraid the majority of guys in medicine do not look like McDreamy or McSteamy (rather they remind me of Ted (scrubs lawyer)), and you actually have to study hard and pass gruesome exams (with a-o matching answers). Actually this sparks another debate (we love good old-fashioned contentious arguments at Newcastle)- should fugly men be allowed to practise medicine?

Anyhow….on a positive note fancy playing a game called….. ‘Spot the Gritter’? Merry Christmas everyone!


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