Posted by: brad3091 | February 11, 2010

Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile.

The quotation above comes from the legen- [wait for it…] -dary Barney Stinson.  Barney, a character in the television show How I Met Your Mother (E4 will probably start airing reruns more often now that they’re taking Friends off the air), talks about how wearing a suit differentiates an individual from the jeans and t-shirt masses.  Although he’s talking about picking up girls, the same is true of the job market.

Example – a friend of my dad’s son recently went for a job interview at Morrison’s.  Even though the boy was willing to take any position stacking shelves etc, the boy’s dad nevertheless helped him polish up his CV and encouraged [read: forced] him to wear a suit.  As soon as he arrived, the interviewer told him about a higher level trainee manager position and asked if he would be interested in that.  Of course, he said yes, and was interviewed for the position.  A few days later, he received word that he got the job.

Is his success due to the suit?  No, probably not, at least not exclusively.  Nevertheless, I’m planning to make ‘an investment  in my future'(!) by buying a suit for grad scheme interviews, networking events etc.  Remember, students don’t have to wear hoodies and track pants all the time…

And if I still haven’t convinced you… –


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