Posted by: emmacraig | March 28, 2010

The Importance of Being Idle

Otherwise known as to write or not to write.

I hold my hands up I’ve hardly been an active presence in these here parts this month.  Apologies if anyone has been hanging off my every word of wisdom (which I doubt is the case)!  The reason for this is that I have been busy.  Not just ‘I’ve had some stuff going on’ busy but actually don’t have time to stop and think busy.  This month has seen me finnish my dissertation in a grueling regime which basically involved wake up, library, eat, library, sleep…repeat.  For three weeks non-stop.

So what’s my excuse now?

Well I’ve been made redundant starting end of the month so I have been working mammoth shifts.  Both morning and evening most of this week.  My flatmate has gone home leaving me in the company of a rabbit and six rats.  While it’s lovely to spend a bit more quality time with my three babies the addition of her three and her rabbit while I’m working all hours keeps me on my toes!  The above picture was taken with just four of them; I would have got a better one but just after that one absconded resulting in a wild goose chase around my room, one decided to perch on my head and another inexplicably decided to dive down my top.  Ah one for the photo album there!  I think it demonstrates my point rather well though!

After I write this I have to do some more loads of washing, try to find my work top given it’s my last shift tomorrow and I want to wear my uniform for once, clean the kitchen and bake some ginger biscuits and ice them in the theme of old school cartoons.  Because it’s a surprise for my friend and also the most stress relieving productive thing I can think of.  My diary planner looks like most students idea of a best-selling horror.  There hasn’t been a day without something to do in it for well over a month.  Even when I’m made redundant I still have two months of cleaning to catch up on alongside the more leisurely pursuits of gardening, reading and sewing mixed with revision.  I don’t think I remember how to be idle, I feel like one of the cleaners in Theme park world.  Whenever their status was set to idle I used to pick them up and punish them for not working harder by dumping them in a big pile of pix-elated sick.  The moment I take a second to rest I feel as though some all-seeing entity will hoist me up and drop me down in the metaphorical sick.

This is why I feel that after Tuesday when all I have left it bits and bobs to complete here and there and the ever pressing concern of trying to find a garage for my car I will be writing more.  Being manically busy hasn’t stopped me thinking and I’ve got a few ideas stored up for posts!  Just no time to put them down on paper.  But I will soon.  So stay tuned for some work heading your way in April involving my first attempt at a CV (which will be rubbish), job hunting (which is going poorly) and writing for the courier (which is bang your head against the wall frustrating sometimes).

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