Posted by: brad3091 | April 12, 2010

Pretty Enough to Succeed? – I’m going to end up putting this somewhere.  Might as well put it at the start, that way we can all just move on!

Unless you’re blind and deaf, you’ll presumably be aware that the long-awaited ‘new bit’ of Eldon Square opened a week or two ago. However, teenies who still adhere to the gospel according to Marissa Cooper and recession-impacted rahs alike are still waiting with bated breath for a certain installation of the shopping centre to spring to life tomorrow…

Hollister – creating unrealistic expectations about what’s under cute boys’ t-shirts for over a decade

Of course, I’m talking about Hollister; Abercrombie’s little brother.  For the past few months, there have been adverts on the shop front inviting good looking, fun people to group interviews.  My heart almost broke when I saw a lanky, cute (probably not on for me to say cute, I think she was about fourteen) girl with a mouth full of braces tell her mum ‘there’s no point me trying out’.  I didn’t go for an interview myself, though I am awaiting news of a Newcastle Graduate Apprenticeship at the store I applied for a few weeks ago – not sure my self esteem could take that sort of rejection.  However, since they had like 2,000 people go along for interviews I’m not sure I’ll be missed.

Although being presentable is essential in interview situations, the pressure to always look one’s best is huge – I just caught my girlfriend vacuuming her shoes.  However, is employee profiling going too far?  Some recent examples that spring to mind are Abercrombie getting in trouble for having a girl with a prosthetic arm working out of sight of customers, and several men suing the Hooters restaurant chain in the U.S for being denied the chance to wear the trademark low cut vest and orange short shorts.  On second thought, the latter case is probably fine – I don’t want to see that when I’m scarfing down chicken wings.  But do your looks actually have any bearing on your success in life?  I can name plenty of uglies on the Forbes list, and I’m certainly not the only person who was told as a child, “Don’t worry about the good looking people – one day they’ll be serving your fries”.  But then again, Brad Pitt doesn’t exactly look like he’s been hit with a shovel.

So, do you have to be good looking to succeed?

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nahhh, probably not.


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