Posted by: pixiewixie | April 30, 2010

Pessimism and its Discontents

Today I awoke bright and early (well, before 10am) to attend my semi-regular semi-casual semi-well paid Monday job in what I commonly refer to as ‘a posh clothes shop.’ I arrived and opened up to find that in the place of a float – and my pay – there was a list of things to do. I promptly went into one of my trademark ‘work rages’ and informed various inanimate objects of things I could be doing with my day that weren’t ‘cleaning the wires as well.’ As well as this, the card machine was dying, one of the lightbulbs had gone and the ladder was wobbly.

However, by 5:30pm, I had climbed into a giant box, made a super-effective Pringles lid frisbee, had a sushi-picnic outside using said box as a table and said lid as entertainment, AND sold a pair of jeans for over a hundred pounds. I actually ended up getting a lot of work done (despite the above), and was paid a £5 bonus in return for the sparkly clean wires.

I told you it was a productive day.

The lesson here? Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a work day by its first five minutes.


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