Posted by: emmacraig | May 12, 2010

Killing Chickens

So I promised an update on the fantabulous job (it’s teaching science at the centre for life) and here it is, I got the interview!  I had it this morning and will be equally superstitious about mentioning how it went before they ring me and tell me if I have the job or not.  But it should make for an entertaining tale once I write it up.

Instead I believe I promised you all a story about writing my CV.  Which was really really hard actually.  Surprisingly hard. 

I think my main issue was trying not to sound like the most super arrogant person that ever existed on the face of the planet.  I wanted to make myself sound incredible but I didn’t want to brag.  It was a conundrum.  In the end I produced something which I thought was semi decent and rewarded myself with an ice cream.  Ever the optimist I trundled over to the careers service to see what they’d make of it.

In I popped and generally entertained myself killing chickens on my gameboy during my ten minute wait.  It probably wasn’t the most professional thing to spend my time on and I was a bit stuck when my number was called mid-battle but worse has happened at sea.  Whoever I saw was very nice and pointed out there was too much of my cv in my cover letter and vice versa.  There actually wasn’t much else to be done.  It just needed a few minor modifications here and there and the addition of a paragraph talking about how amazing the company is and how much I want to work with them.  I hadn’t even thought about that so I suppose it was just as well I got some advice!

This next bit is very very important.  Why don’t more people use the careers service?  I never in a million years would have bothered if it wasn’t for the fact I blog here.  I can’t even think why.  I can only assume it relates to my preconceptions which stem from my sixth form careers advisor who was useless.  Careers advice at my school was basically being told to lower your expectations rather than reach for the stars.   University careers advisors actually give good CV advice.  Go see one.  They’re in that big new building by the coffee shop so why not head into Uni a little early with a copy of your CV and pop in some time?   Especially you third years, you’ll probably need all the help you can get looking for a job.


  1. Congratulations on making it through to interview Emma. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!

    Taking the time to submit a carefully crafted and tailored CV really helps convince recruiters that you are a good fit for the job. There’s lots of information and advice available on the Careers Service website to help you get started –

    Once you’ve finished your first draft, why not call in for a 1-to-1 consultation with a CV adviser (like Emma did) and get some feedback – no appointment needed – just bring along a printed copy of your CV.

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