Posted by: pixiewixie | May 23, 2010

He who would search for pearls must dive below

Aah, Unnamed-Website-Advertising-Goods-and-Services (identity hidden because I don’t want to be shouted at). How we love you – for our hamsters, our free televisions (as long as you can pick up from the Isle of Man) and our slightly suspicious job listings. I decided to sit down and see what exactly is on offer – so here we go!

Oh, GOOOOD. As long as the position is really easy for earn more money, I guess I’ll go ahead and apply. And it wasn’t just the titles that struck me:

Debts getting you down? It won't be the only thing after your parents see you!

Now, I had a look at this gentleman’s website, and this really doesn’t seem to be the kind of thing one could say was their new job in polite society. Still, I plodded on – maybe a lovely coffee shop is looking for baristas.

Earn £1000 a day. You don't even have to get out of bed!

Need I say more?

You want me to BE a coffee shop team? REALLY?

Moving back into the U-Rated, but staying ridiculous. Honestly, do people not proofread?!

The way I read this in my head was mental enough. ANSWERED YES TO THE ABOVE?!?!?!?! NOW COME TO MY HOUSE SO I CAN INVITE SOMEONE ROUND TO EAT YOU.

In all seriousness, these websites can, sometimes, yield great job opportunities. All you need is an eye for the legitimate ads – and the ability to avoid the stay-in-bed ones.

In other news, I am officially making a proper effort to find some kind of summer job – Stu and I are dependent on each other, so I can’t run off to work in Italy (which would have been my plan!) or something, and am trying to find a food-oriented environment, as believe it or not, I am pretty well-trained in food hygiene as my stepdad is a butcher and my mother runs his business! Updates on this later.


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