Posted by: emmacraig | June 24, 2010


Yeah I know, left you all hanging didn’t I?  Bet you thought I hadn’t got the most uber awesome job in the history of jobs and was maintaining radio silence out of the shame?  Ah but I did get the job,  hence lack of writing actually. It’s all been pretty hectic for me what with launched straight from exams into the exhausting work of teaching science at the centre for life!  It’s a varied job, sometimes I’m demonstrating forces with parachuting teddies, sometimes I’m consoling crying children afraid of daleks and sometimes I’m spending an hour cutting up cardboard into shapes so the next class can build some sort of science thing.  Some of these things are great fun, some of these things are mind numbingly boring.

At any rate I have the virus of actual death right now and coupled with not being used to having to do work (even as strenuous as cutting up cardboard) I think I’m going to leave it here for now (I’m actually physically about to pass out(.  But expect wonderful interview tips from me soon plus some other shizzle about things I did to pad out my cv and stuff.

Oh yeah, if anyone out there cares I got a 2:1  🙂

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