Posted by: elizaadeolu | January 24, 2011

Just hanging in there!



Isn’t it amazing how one time you knew exactly just how your personal calendar would run? For many who like yours truly have yet to decide between owning their own business and working for someone else in the long run, it has been decided that any job sought while in school would not only fetch coin but also experience.

Reality check. It’s really not as easy as that. Or so I have realised. It is already the official end of the first semester and I am still jobless ( if you can’t count reading more than five articles a day as a job) and still hanging on to my dreams of getting a job that would fetch me cash, and more importantly skills. It is indeed disappointing to discover that your ideal part time job seems so impossible to find (not all of us are content to work as salesmen, bartenders, and waiters).

I discovered however that ‘cruising’ the web endlessly for part-time jobs at any publishing firm in Newcastle would not help me. I had to find out why such jobs were so elusive. My first stop was at the Career Centre.

There, I found out that some jobs are indeed ‘rare’ and it takes an extra effort to find them. But, it really is as easy as finding such firms in the area (if you are as lazy as I am, use your computer). Then, you send an e-mail requesting to work with them as an intern of sorts; you attach your CV and a cover letter and wait (keeping your fingers crossed, of course).

I am done with stage one (searching for the ideal firm), I am also done with stage two (sending e-mails to these firms with my CV attached), I am at stage three (waiting for response from these firms). Unfortunately, the first response I got was not a good one. I was told the firm was booked up by other wannabe ‘interns like me’. Really bad news to start a new semester. But, hey, my fingers are still crossed, and I’m still awaiting news from two other firms.

I remain hopeful!


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