Posted by: Michael Russell | January 24, 2011

Advice for Part-timers

Summer's can be spent working in areas relating to your chosen career path like this student working in archaeology.

As a part-time Masters student in Roman and Byzantine Archaeology, I have more time then most full-time students to gain the experience needed to develop a career within the field of Archaeology. One way I have discovered of gaining experience in a relevant field was to take on a summer job between acedemic years. I got a summer job with English Heritage at Belsay Hall as an invigilator for an arts exhibition. Firstly summer jobs are a fantastic way of gaining general work experience no matter what discipline you study as all employers look for people with good work experience. I found the job through the English Heritage site and I have discovered that going direct to company websites is a great way of finding a job and of understanding the companies brand, aims and requirements which can only help the job application.

In the role at English Heritage I discovered the need all employers have to meet targets, especially the financial ones in these times of cuts and it is the responsibility of all staff to help meet these targets as a team, whether it is through maintaining high standards or promoting company products. These skills and standards are transferable to all jobs. Spending a summer with a company is also a good way of getting a foot in the door and increases your chances of being employed by that company in the future as you have built a reputation with the company. I now also have a work related reference as well as the academic references for future job applications; which can only make me a stronger candidate.


  1. What if you have to earn enough money to pay for rent, food and bills whilst doing a masters? I’d love to be able to afford to get a ‘summer job’ so think yourself lucky you have time to study.

    • well in this post I have stated that I am a part time masters student, so if you are doing a part time MA it is possible to pay for rent, food etc. Sadly I am not a full time MA student for those reasons you mentioned and being Parttime has been great allowing me to earn money while gaining valuble work experience, epecially in the summer when I have nothing to study. And on my summer job I earned enough money to run a car! it is possible!

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