Posted by: Bo Marit | January 25, 2011

Get busy living

Hi everyone!

So here is my first contribution to the Wonderful World of the Interwebz. Well, at least for Careering Ahead; I have my own blog about my life and studying abroad, but it’s in Dutch! I’m here to share my experiences with you about living, studying, and (hopefully soon) working in Newcastle.

Happiness at Tynemouth Beach

I’ve been here for almost five months and I absolutely love living here. In the beginning it was difficult, adjusting to a new country and finding your comfort zone in a new city. Although Holland is relatively close, there are still some huge differences in how things happen around here. But everything fell into place and I’ve had some amazing experiences so far!

And now, as the second semester is ready to start, I find myself ‘desperately’ looking for a part-time job. I have a Dutch student loan but I usually find myself low on cash by the end of the month, mostly due to shopping, going out, shopping some more random phone bills or other expenses I didn’t see coming. I’d really like to save something as well, but it’s proving to be difficult, hence the urgent need for a job.

So far it’s been quite frustrating to find something. I applied to several jobs and internships online; some of them came back negative or I still haven’t heard anything. I also went out in town to hand out my CVs and see if there’s any openings. However, most of the shops I went to weren’t looking, or still had their Christmas staff working there. The only thing that seems to be an option is working in a bar; something I’m a little skeptical about, because I don’t feel comfortable working late hours and then going home by myself… But it might be the best option I have. Either way, I will keep you posted on how my search is going, and hopefully something good will cross my path soon :).

Before signing off, I have a little mantra I’d like to share (which is also my signature for blog posts): Get busy living!
It’s a song by one of my favourite bands: they’re called Goldfish – a South African jazz/fushion group that seriously makes some amazing records. Maybe this song will inspire you as well to make the most out of every single experience in your life!

Get busy living,
Bo Marit 🙂

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