Posted by: Charlotte | January 26, 2011

Link yourself in

Stick with it, get your name out there, be positive but most of all, SELL YOURSELF!

With the jobs market becoming increasingly competitive due to the number of graduates increasing and such a skilled pool of labour caused by large companies making cutbacks, it is becoming more of a challenge to secure your ideal job.

As a masters graduate in 2008 I struggled to find a job in the pharmaceutical sector. I know how hard it is constantly researching vacancies and writing CVs and covering letters. It can be an extremely demoralising nightmare.

 The job hunting struggle eventually led me down a different path and it was whilst working as a trust fundraiser for a national charity that I discovered the very useful resource that is LinkedIn – a professional networking site that provides graduates with the opportunity to create a profile to show off their potential to other professionals as well as recruiters.

I’d encourage all graduates to exploit this resource, as not only is it simple to set up, it’s also free. Keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date takes minimal effort and making sure your profile really sells yourself is the key. Your experiences shape the person that you are and it’s so important to show how much experience you have. Where possible try to get recommendations from your employers/supervisors, and make them visible on your profile.

There are however two sides to every coin. Some people who are not familiar with LinkedIn don’t use it as they believe it serves no purpose, however, if you are job seeking, LinkedIn provides you with a chance to make yourself searchable by recruiters. I’m of the opinion that the more who use it, then the stronger people’s professional networks can become. So what are you waiting for?!

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