Posted by: Beth | January 27, 2011

Rainy days and part time jobs

There’s nothing quite like trudging around Newcastle in the rain, and quite possibly, the snow. Your hair is wet, clothes covered with a light sheen of cold water and a overhead pigeon appears to be rather too determined on mobbing you. However, you have a job to do, or rather, a job to find.
After spending two months in this situation, I now know from firsthand experience, it’s not the best. Besides, it’s always good that to go in person, right? That way I can explain exactly why the majority of my work experience appears to be at a business my mother owns.

Anyway, what are the other options? Should I look online for jobs? The majority of which are in promotions, and do I really want to condemn myself to working somewhere where I have to permanently wander the city centre in the cold, isn’t that exactly what I’ve been trying to avoid doing by looking online? Oh, the joys of job hunting. God knows what it’s going to me like when I have to find full-time post grad work.

There’s no reason to give up though, it took me hours of being told ‘sorry we’re not hiring’ and endless job interviews which I didn’t get called back from, before I finally got a position at Thornton’s, and now, discounted chocolates for all!

They key is to just keep smiling and don’t stop looking, for every ten CV’s you hand out, half of them will go in the bin, four ‘on file’ and one person might ring you back. So hand out fifty, that way you’ve got five call backs instead of one. Just never stop hunting, besides, it’s a new year and everyone’s hiring again!

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