Posted by: April | January 30, 2011

“Oh come o ye faithful…”

There is quite a difference in students nearing the end of semester one.  First years cheerily dash off with tails of “chundering” and “epic” nights.  Second years have learnt the hardships: bills have contributed to arguments never thought possible and a futile feeling of, “Maybe I shouldn’t have lived with them after all”.  As third years we find ourselves in somewhat of a different predicament, the main thought in our heads being the future.  We wonder why we weren’t sensible enough to choose one of those wonderfully applicable subjects like English to secure a job and regret the lack of societies joined due to time spent at ‘Sinners’.  Choosing your career path seems imminent and any conversations now begin with “can you believe there are only 5…4…3… Weeks left?”.

I was once told that there are three types of student:  those who have known their career path since nappies, the would-be doctors and lawyers among us, the lucky ones who have enjoyed their degree enough to pursue it as a career and finally, the majority of us who are staggering towards the end of their degree uncertain of what lies ahead. Consider this, we are all in the same boat, and as of yet it has not sunk.  It is true that decisions need to be made and a world of procrastination cannot prevent this, but let’s start simple: what do you like to do and what are you good at? Your personal qualities that seem trivial may be the key to your career.  I am overly enthusiastic about anything and everything; like the sound of my own voice and have a head full of seemingly useless knowledge.  Am I irritating to be around? Probably, but these things also mean I’m a potential teacher in the making, catch my drift?

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