Posted by: Charlotte | February 11, 2011

CVs – 7 simple steps for success.

Your CV is your chance to shine. It is your skills showcase and can ultimately make or break you.

I’ve written and re-written my CV so many times now for part-time jobs, graduate jobs, summer placements, recruitment agencies, scientific jobs and postgraduate positions, the list goes on. The strangest one was submitting a CV to be a CV advisor, which was pretty crucial and I got the job, so it must have been alright!

There are a few key pointers when it comes to writing CVs which I see a lot of people struggling with.

tailor the CV to the specific job you are applying for, go though the job description/person specification and make sure you show how you satisfy the criteria

sell you skills! (transferable as well as subject specific) & don’t just write a course description

• use a neat and consistent layout, including: font and spacings, some white space is good!

CHECK IT! Spelling, grammar, content. Put yourself in the shoes of the employer. Would you employ yourself?

7 simple steps for success

1. Download the CV advice leaflet from the Careers Service Website. Then read it!

2. If you don’t have a job description, try to get one online. Prospects has a good list or try looking on directgov

3. Draft a CV – tailored to the job, using the job description

4. Attend a Careers service workshop on ‘how to write your CV’ – for dates click here. Re-draft CV if necessary.

5. Draft a covering letter – information is in the advice leaflet mentioned above

6. Get your CV and covering letter checked at the Careers Service by a CV Advisor (drop in service 10-4.30pm Mon-Fri)

7. Apply with confidence!

Rather do something quirky? For some slightly different takes on CVs, read my upcoming blog post… ‘To CV or not to CV?’

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