Posted by: Lina | February 11, 2011

I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore

Have you ever felt your mouth dry, your eyes widen, your extremities start to tremble and your heart’s pace quickening? You know, kind of like falling in love? Have you ever felt that way about a job listing on a vacancy website? Anyone? Okay, it might just be me then.

I found it on a lonely winter afternoon – or did I? I can’t really remember. Actually, no, wait, I totally do. I was in the PC cluster at university waiting for something and started to browse the career’s centre vacancy section. Then I saw it. Without the dramatics, I can genuinely say I have never felt this way about a job before. You know, the type of job that makes you think “Perfect!” and “I could easily do this for the rest of my life!”

There are a couple of problems: the job may be the job of my dreams, but I am not the ideal candidate. I do not have a couple of skills that are mentioned (which they do say are ideal but not necessary). Additionally, the application process isn’t a straightforward cover letter with CV attached to an e-mail type of thing. It’s in the officey part of  a retail chain and you have to do those word associations/aptitude tests type of things. I am not bad at the first one but aptitude tests scare me. I tend to overthink them, and when it is something I want this much, double-guessing myself is par for the course.  I filled it and refilled and answered it in different ways. I just wanted to say “I have all these things! They are all of equal interest to them!” but unfortunately computers don’t allow that.

After raising enough courage I managed to send the application off a couple of days ago. The ominous “IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF US IN TWO WEEKS YOU  HAVE BEEN UNSUCCESSFUL” made me kind of leap out of my chair. Now I am waiting.  I want to call them, but what would I say? “Excuse me, you might have received my application, can I have a job now?”

Additionally, I don’t know if I want to have an interview and then not get the job. Personally, I would really hate that. Generally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I really, really want this. Maybe it’s better if they just don’t call me at all? I have always hated waiting…

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