Posted by: lucy. | February 16, 2011

Decisions, Decisions…

So it’s got to that time of year when the Law School is abuzz (well amongst the 2nd years at least) with the talk of finally being able to choose some modules for next year. To get an ‘exempting’ law degree you have to study all compulsory modules in your 1st and 2nd years. So naturally, now that this element of freedom is tantalizingly close, my mind is whirring with the endless possibilities now open to me… Well actually that makes it sound like I have loads of choices… I actually am able to choose either 4 modules and a dissertation, or just 6 modules and no dissertation.  So my near future is actually pretty fixed after all that freedom talk…

BUT still, to choose to do a dissertation or not, right now, to me, seems like a pretty big decision! The mere fact that I actually get to choose whether to load myself up with the stress of such a large project kind of weighs to the side of not doing one, just because most other students don’t have that choice!  But that’s maybe a tad trivial… (even if a nice thought!)

I suppose the most sensible idea (and one which is drilled into you through uni life) is to choose the option that gives you transferable skills for your future career, and one that you are able to talk about in an attractive way to future employers. Choosing 6 modules would mean I have knowledge on a wide range of subjects, whereas doing a dissertation would enable me to really study a specific topic in detail. Choosing 6 modules would show I can balance my time and pressures of deadlines, whereas a dissertation would really show off my independent work ethic.

To be honest with you, for me (who has no clue what kind of career she wants or who she wants to work for) a lot of the above advice is a bit redundant. One thing I’ve learnt over the years about myself is that I perform much better in coursework than I do in exams… Which leads me to think it would be most beneficial to me to put my heart and soul into dissertation… Play to your strengths, in the long run you can make any decision attractive to employers if you did well.

As for what to write my dissertation on… I think I’ll leave that for another blog!

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