Posted by: Lina | February 17, 2011

Newcastle Work Experience: CY Partners

First of all, a quick update on  my last post. The job of my dreams? We just weren’t meant to be. I got an actually very nicely worded e-mail about how much consideration  they had put into not inviting me for an interview. So, I guess that’s good?

Bad news everyone! Now please forgive me for the shameless promotion I am going to do here, but if you are a recently graduated scientist you should really look into using CY Partners, the recruitment agency. How would I know? I can hear you saying at me, knowing that I am not a scientist at all. Well, I work there, you see. I have started to work here as part of the Newcastle Work Experience programme in which you work for a certain amount of hours through the university. I work writing articles and tweets, amongst other things. The experience has been invaluable and it looks nice and shiny on my CV but overall I have definitely noticed how dedicated these guys are to getting people a job.

If I were a scientist, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them. Ah, but why should I trust an agency, you say. Because, really, it is as much in your interest as it is in theirs for you to get a job. When you use an agency it’s like you are no longer alone in the lonely world of job seeking and people are out there working to get you a job. That sounds expensive, you say. Well, it’s actually free – basically, the client is paying them so you don’t have to. Oh, so it’s like a hidden charge out of my salary, you say. Actually, no: the budget that the company would be spending on posting the job everywhere, from news papers to job boards, is what is spent on the agency, so it really is very much in your interest to use an agency. But why are you just promoting them?! Well, to be honest, because they are awesome. Whenever I am in the office they seem to genuinely care about candidates and about what is going to make people happy, which isn’t really what I expected.

I don’t really know what I expected, really. It wasn’t super nice people caring about strangers getting jobs but that’s what they are. And, as a non-scientist, I can tell you these people know what they are talking about. Half the time I have no idea what they are saying! That can only be a good sign. Right?

I couldn’t recommend them enough. You can find them at

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