Posted by: Michael Russell | February 18, 2011

Location Location Location (One for Archaeologists/Historians)

With the North East suffering particularly bad under the new government it looks like I will have to relocate to where there is work in my chosen area of archaeology and museum work. In the last few months I have tried and tried to get work in a relevant field always coming up short on the experience side. I can not volunteer because I need to work, I need money and I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I have volunteered enough now. I feel like I have done my time and yet I still do not have enough experience. This is because the jobs market in the North East is now over crowded with graduates and the recently unemployed all fighting for the same jobs, which there are few of.

Relocating is not easy, but could be worth it

Through my job search on sites like or I have noticed the majority of jobs available are down south, companies like English Heritage are rarely employing in the North East anymore yet are employing a fair few people in the southern parts of the country. (This could add something to the debate on a North South divide). With lots of people all going for the same limited number of jobs in the North East many people are going to be disappointed.

I realise now that this blog post sounds like I am contradicting my first blog post but with the speed of the cuts the situation is changing fast. However, summer work experience in a relevant field is great even if you have to volunteer; I just feel I have done my bit now. You’re probably ok for paid summer work if you live down south.

Sadly I can not really offer any advice here except if you don’t succeed try and try again; especially if it’s a career you really want (This is all I can do).Yet I remain optimistic as a move to a new place will be exciting and can provide greater opportunity (I now think relocating is the only option, once I finish my degree) and many of you archaeologists/historians should consider moving from the North East. Caesar knew he had to move to new areas to increase his auctoritas, visiting places like Britain to increase his reputation in Rome.

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