Posted by: elizaadeolu | March 23, 2011

Taking the first step when you can’t find ‘pause’


Is it just me, or are there times when we all get to that stage in the academic year when we begin to frantically look for a ‘pause button’?

I have come to realise that struggling with getting your ideal job in the school year to make cash or get experience to further career is one thing, but managing other aspects of your life is another thing altogether.

Sometimes, emotions suffer in this race to get a job, to excel at the job, to get experience; and all these while juggling academic work.

It’s probably the fact that I’m an international student, or maybe not. But, the ups and downs of these past months have taken their toll. Frankly, I’m still at the hanging-in stage, ‘job-searching-and-getting-and-keeping’ wise (if only I could get paid for hyphen-coining words).

I’d like to think I represent many people who somehow have not realised what they set out to achieve, yet (Yay me! Good to know I’m a model in some way).

In my own case, I have tried to settle down in more ways than one. Career-wise, it seems my ideal part-time job is ever eluding me. Some tell me I’m too picky (just because I didn’t try out for bar tending), and others tell me I’m just not serious enough. Both hurt, because I don’t think they are true.

And this while I still grapple with the pressures of settling into a culture almost alien to me. I nearly reached a breaking point.

I do not believe in coincidence, so that’s why I believe that finding myself in a jam was probably for a reason.

(In a loud, advert-worthy voice) Introducing the university staff….

Okay, I get it, maybe this is not the avenue to do unpaid advert for other departments in the Student Services, but I discovered that I could actually rely on Student Services to help me through some difficult times. There were actually times when the pressure on all sides seemed to be just too much.

The first step (or footprint?)

But, even though I eventually got the help I needed, I had to take the first step.

There are specialist university staff to help you with everything (well, almost everything), if you need to talk about your frustrations or need answers to more complex questions than what colour of shirt you want to wear on Easter.

But, of all the things they could be, these people are certainly not telepathic (I think…).

So, you have to take the first step and then the next, and the next, until you get help with your CV, your big career-dreams, your social-life fix, or just the good old listening ear.


  1. Agreed. Keeping balance is super stressful. Just got a job and still trying to manage with all the academic stuff but one of them inevitably seems to lose steam. Chin up lady 🙂

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