Posted by: Lina | April 12, 2011

I got a job through LinkedIn

I joined LinkedIn a long time ago, but only started using it again after being prompted by this blog at my last job, which was temporary.

I noticed that my coworkers used it quite a bit for recruitment purposes and decided I would revive my dead profile and start connecting with people in case something turned up when I graduated.

LinkedIn started to send me listings of jobs I might be interested in. The first few were easy to dismiss: I have to finish my degree and so moving away from Newcastle at this point is not an option. There were few jobs in Newcastle in which I was interested in, until one day I got an e-mail from LinkedIn about job opportunities and, for a change, I was actually interested.

So I applied and it was really quite convenient: my CV was already up on the website, and all I had to do was write a short introductory letter. Soon, I was invited for an interview, and got a phone call about the job a few days later!

You (hi mam!) will be pleased to know that although the job is challenging, it is interesting and I’m learning a lot, and it is a great place to be right now.

The point of this post is: you want to join LinkedIn, like Charlotte recommended. Unless you’re Jack Donaghy, I guess.



  1. Congratulations on your new job Lina! A professional presence on sites like LinkedIn or other social media channels (e.g. Twitter) can be a great way of engaging and networking with potential employers. Looking forward to hearing about your new role in future posts!

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