Posted by: Michael Russell | April 16, 2011

Some days I need a TARDIS!

The TARDIS, the best time machine ever! shame its not real 😦

I recently started working at Beamish Museum after months of persistent form filling while endeavouring to get a job. Working 30 hours a week and finishing the Masters degree is not easy; especially when we only get 24 hours in a day.

Despite time limitations working at Beamish Museum is great experience for my career prospects. I am gaining experience in an area of a museum I haven’t work in before; the entrance. I sell tickets (Unlimited ticket for the same price as a day ticket; shameless advertising on my part), work in the shop gaining retail experience, managing the car park and working in the coffee shop; all types of experience museums now look for. I feel now I am adding to the range of skills I had already making me more employable; especially for those higher paid positions.

After a hard days work at the museum and a long bus journey home I have to find more energy to complete the assignments I still have to do including the dissertation. This can be difficult, however, I remind my self that it is only for four more months and it reminds me, to get anywhere in life we all must work hard. This uplifting thought still does not stop me wishing for a TARDIS that will enable me to get home instantly, take a nap, do my work, sleep in and then time travel back for the start of work.

What Next?

I am now looking at what is next on the career ladder; maybe a position of responsibility such as a supervisor or a move behind the scenes to work with the curators. I am also thinking about PhD’s; if only to be called Doctor.  Though I will work for a year or two and plan for the PhD; choosing my subject carefully and then applying for funding can take time as well as saving up for the PhD.


  1. My daughter is studying modern laguages at Newcastle University. Glad you are enjoying Beamish. I love working there too. See my blog article about the Georgian Fair at

  2. well im gonna make it real soon! it will warp through time!

  3. Well, if you had a TARDIS you wouldn’t have to worry about any assignments. Travelling through time and space would be your priority. 🙂 Greetings from Greece!

    • you are right, i would be traveling the universe. Impressive that even in Greece you have knowledge of Doctor Who 🙂 Greetings from the UK

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