Posted by: Jesus off the dashboard | May 3, 2011

The score so far – internships applied for: 1; projects finished: 0; revision started: yes, but not nearly enough. Eek!

Ooh, it’s all stations go in Santiago at the moment. I’m finishing writing up my project dissertation; student loans have just come in, meaning I can finally afford to book my flight back home; everything I need to call to sort a few things out in the UK (phone bills, blocked card after putting in a wrong password trying to book flights) seems to have died after the extended run of bank holidays; and I’ve been running around like a headless chicken all morning trying to collate things for my project, scan and send homework for Newcastle, go to classes, organise an exam to take in Santiago and see my supervisor. I knew it was going to be busy by the end of term, and I know it’s only four weeks to go until the third year is over, but I’m really feeling the lack of enough hours in the day right now …

One of the things in Spain that can work to your advantage one day, and against you the next, is the amazingly long lunch break. Most people leave the department here between 1:30 and 2pm, then don’t return until nearly 5 o’clock, which means I can’t go in the lab to do anything, and there’s no-one around to ask if I’m stuck on things while I’m writing. On the other hand though, as I’ve found it incredibly difficult to adapt to the different timetable (despite people telling me I’d get used to it – and this article amused me), some days it has meant a relatively long quiet period where I can get a lot of uninterrupted reading done – the Spanish don’t have the same average talking decibel level as people at home. No-one here understands how I can happily come into the department at half eight in the morning, work most of the day, and then be completely out of it by six; and I marvel at their ability to get most of their work done between what I consider to be nearly hometime and way past my bedtime!

Also, I sent off my application for the Technology Transfer internship yesterday. Oh, alright – I know I’ve only had an acknowledgement email so far, but this is the first time I’ve applied to a job that isn’t something similar to things I’ve done before, so although I don’t want to get my hopes up, I’m still a little excited about it.


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