Posted by: Charlotte | May 11, 2011

‘the beach or the bench?’

Many people will choose the beach this summer and why not?! You’ve worked hard all semester (hopefully), got your grades, now time to chill out. Before you book that holiday, it might be worth considering bulking up your CV and gaining some relevant experience by hitting the bench (chemists) the building site (surveyors) or the bank (accountants), more Bs escape me!

Many summer placements will have been taken now, but lots will remain. You just need to give up a few weeks – it could be anything from 2-12 weeks – so it’s not even the whole holiday, there’ll be plenty of time for a break!

Summer placements are a great way to explore career routes if you’re not sure what you fancy doing after your degree. They’re a fantastic chance to improve your skills and also to make connections. By the time you get to the end of your degree you’ll have a jam-packed CV bursting with skills that will be irresistible for employers.   

Check out the Newcastle Work Experience Scheme – summer placements are still available through this.

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