Posted by: April | May 13, 2011


I recently read an article in Cosmo about how our generation is developing a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out).  According to this article, people who have FOMO are driven by a fear of missing out on anything, because of this they aim to attend every social situation.  Some of the results of FOMO are being tired, lacking in funds and disappointment with nights that claimed to be ‘epic’.  I will be 100% honest here and say I definitely have a case of FOMO, I always have, it takes nothing to get me out the house and I ‘cave’ to friends every time.  However, this blog is not about me, it’s about the fact that if I have FOMO then most students I seem to come across at this time in third year definitely have IOMO (Intent on Missing Out).

At exam time it’s the norm to swap nights out for nights in the library but these exams seem to be different.  I feel completely unmotivated!! According to my friends I’m not the only one either.  You would think that for the last exams of my degree I would be more motivated than ever, but the truth is I feel like I’ve given my degree everything I’ve got, and there just isn’t anything left in me to give. After finishing exams at Christmas only to spend weeks on a dissertation, hand it in, and then start catching up on lectures straight after, something about me just doesn’t feel like revising.  But at the end of the day, to get my degree I will need to pass these exams so eventually “the fear” will kick in and I’ll do the work. 

However, there is an option between FOMO and IOMO.  You don’t have to say yes to every night out when you should be revising but you also don’t have to sit at home every night.  It’s important to keep a balance.  If you’re sitting at home feeling guilty but doing nothing about it then you may as well be at the pub! 

I started yoga a few months ago and in exam periods I tend to run and swim more, yes it started off as a form or procrastination but now it helps me to keep some perspective about the exams and not overstress.  I still go out on a Friday because I know personally I switch off after 8 at night anyway so I would get nothing done.  If I know I’m going out on a night I will work through the day, if I am swimming or doing something through the day I’ll work for longer on a night.  The point is no-one can possibly work all of the hours they are awake in the day so instead of feeling guilty (and still getting nothing done), give yourself a break, get out the house and go do something!

But at the end of the day I know everyone’s different, and everyone revises in a different way so I guess I’ll have to let you know whether my strategy was successful when my exams are marked.

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