Posted by: Lina | May 16, 2011

Your First Real Job after Uni

For a change, you’ve got money in the bank. You can now buy expensive chocolate and your Gregg’s diet has now changed slightly because you can buy expensive stuff, but to be fair, you never want to cook when you get home because you are so tired.

Your first job includes a massive shift in your lifestyle, and with it, comes a massive shift in your outlook. You will always miss the time you had when you were at university, but you won’t have to choose between having a pint with your friends and being able to afford a microwave meal for that night.

It is difficult, though. It is a different environment. Here are some tips to help you out in your first couple of months on the job:

  • Always say please and thank you. If someone mentions something that they are casually doing that day, ask them how it went the day after. Doing this, you are making yourself seem likable and personable, making your colleagues feel important and creating personal bonds which could turn into friendship.
  • It’s okay to say ‘I don’t know.’ When someone asks you to do something, make sure that you say that you will do it, you just need some help learning how to do it.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes. You are new, and you are expected to make mistakes. Remember that things are usually fixable, and you learn from your mistakes. Do try your best, but don’t put yourself through hell if you think you might have made a mistake.
  • Listen! This one is extremely important. For the first couple of months, keep your mouth shut, and listen to how things work. Do not contribute to office gossip, either. This will give you time to gauge what your long-term employment will be like. See what relationships are like, whether it’s as tradition to go to a particular pub on a Friday, whether you call your bosses ‘Mr or Ms’ or by their first name, amongst other things.
  • RELAX!  Seriously. Take a deep breath. Find a mentor or a coworker whom you admire and knows more than you and make sure you ask them questions about work. Everyone knows it can get a little much, don’t be concerned about not showing how weak you are.
Enjoy employment! Now, what about that second degree…

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