Posted by: Charlotte | July 8, 2011

Success at last!

I’m not currently job seeking. With 2 years of my doctorate still to go, I hope I am safe and secure for this period and will try to pick up odd bits of part-time work as I go. My boyfriend on the other hand, entered into post-PhD job-seeking hell over a year ago! After finishing in the lab and upping sticks from Nottingham in September 2009, he embarked on the mammoth task of ‘writing-up’ something which as postgrads we are all beginning to dread. Being conscientious, he sought jobs alongside this, there’s rent to pay, and a life to live!   

Now, getting a part-time job was a struggle enough. Dog walking was handy for a while, but not a real money spinner, then finally he landed a bar job on the party boats on the Tyne. Great for weekends, but still not much joy for during the week. It seemed that despite having a PhD, thirst for work and lots of time to lend to it, at least 6 months, no one was interested.

How disheartening.

The writing up continued and the bar job went well.

Viva passed, corrections to do…. bar job whilst doing corrections fine.

Now all this time, the career job search has been going on. CV writing and re-writing, covering letter drafting and re-drafting, until he’s blue in the face (and so am I from checking them all). What can possibly be wrong with it! ARGH!

It could have been very easy to get down in the dumps about this, but he seemed to carry on, plus explored a few new careers from scientist on the bench, to recruitment consultancy, sales and marketing, teaching and banking. Not a lot of joy….

Months since you became Dr, weeks away from your graduation… still no job. What would you do at this point?

Well he did what he’d been doing for over a year and kept on going……..then… an interview. Then…. a second interview. ‘We’ll let you know on Tuesday’… then a phone call… ‘come and see us on Thursday’…

Thursday…. ‘We’d like to offer you the job!’

Finally… the job offer he’d been waiting for, in a sector he’s passionate about.

Well after all that time, over 300 applications, 3 assessment centres, 10 interviews, 2 part-time jobs, lots of dog walking, 15 versions of CVs and loads of covering letters, and earful of nagging girlfriend, was it worth it?

He says so… he starts next Monday 😮

So… keep going, no matter how hard it is, you’ll land the job you want in the end!

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