Posted by: elizaadeolu | July 12, 2011

No one said it was going to be easy… not!


Nadia’s mail literally jolted me back to the website! I might not win any award, but maybe I could talk about what I have been doing or not doing for the past months that I have been incommunicado.

If I were to summarise my activities for the past two months in three words, it would be: surprise, searching, and very-well-still-searching. Okay, the last word looks suspiciously made up; what can I say? It’s apt. Let me explore my three-word themes in more detail.

Very-well-still-digging... I mean, searching

Surprise: Writing an MA thesis  is certainly not as easy as it sounds. Jeez! My BA dissertation certainly didn’t prepare me for this. There is so much to write and when you finally get it down on paper, it looks so wrong and ‘unprofessional’, you want to burst out laughing and crying at the same time. Again, getting a job is not easy at all. I always said now that I didn’t have classes to attend, it would be easier to secure a job. Suffice it to say that saying of mine will not be becoming a cliché soon… and, that brings me to the next theme

Searching: My dissertation is coming up really well, at least to me. The next thing on my agenda is getting a paid job, part-time or full-time. If getting a job were based on how much time you spent searching for it, then I should have more than hundred jobs now.  I’m sure I spend 90 % of my day  scouring the web for jobs and opportunities, but I’m…

Very-well-still-searching: I am not going to give up. I’ll keep searching till I find. Charlotte’s post earlier only confirms this.

So, for everyone out there who is experiencing dissertation and job-search blues, or any other thing blue, don’t give up, keep very-well-still-searching!

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