Posted by: lucy. | August 22, 2011

My Mission for Motivation!

So, I realise it’s been a while since my last post, and having had a quick look over my fellow bloggers’ posts I realise that after graduating from the amazing stage of our lives we call University, one quality seems inevitability necessary = Motivation!

Now I’m faced with the prospect of starting my third and final (sob!) year in just a few short weeks and it has hit me: This is it. The last bite of the apple. The last… well you get the picture! I want to make the most of my final year, and that, sadly, is not just meant in the social sense. My mission in my final year is to amass enough Motivation to eventually lead me to that perfect career (it sounds sadly exciting when I talk of a ‘mission’!)

In my task to accrue copious amounts of Motivation, I started early. I managed to score myself (I still don’t know how!) a couple of different placements with two companies, both in the area I want to go into: the Law (duh duh duuuuuh!). So I gained some valuable things to add to my CV and, surprisingly, actually learnt a few things along the way that I thought I could share with you delightful readers…

(1) It is tiring trying to impress all day long! I never before had appreciated how nice it was to come home to my seasonal job in the holidays, where I have worked for the last three years, and just know what I’m doing! Take my word for it: having to concentrate for 9 hours a day, even on your lunch break, really does take it out of you.

(2) People have taken many a strange route to end up where you want to be. Of course meeting new people and interacting with them is valuable. But what I found most interesting was learning about how people came to have my ideal job. It really did give me that all important Motivation to keep on trying. One day, when my 100th job application is rejected, I will remember those people I met who never went to University, or who trained while they worked, or who started off at the bottom of the ladder, and feel better about my prospects. And you can remember that too.

(3) London isn’t so bad! Now I’m a bit of a country (northern) bumpkin and so had never lived it up in a big city before (if that’s what working 10 hours is day is called…). And so it was with a sceptical mind-set that I boarded the train there to spend two weeks working at a big, multi-national company. But within those two weeks I had a change of heart. It was refreshing to experience something so different from my everyday life; it gave me the confidence to know that I could take a job in totally different surroundings and would be totally fine (well maybe not totally!)

So here I am: about to enter my final year at Newcastle and I feel somewhat prepared for the scary prospect of having to plan and sort out my life in the next few months… Always the optimist!

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