Posted by: elizaadeolu | September 11, 2011

I asked for cake, I got peanuts… for now

Hullo peeps!

Definitely loving not being a student anymore, though the jury isn’t out yet on my results. Yes, you guessed it. I am one of those who have decided to blog on about their career-related experiences and little bits on the side, even after leaving the four (or uncountable) walls of Newcastle University.

Munching peanuts at the moment

My last post was about exploring options, and you won’t guess where that has left me. I am currently in Coventry working as a marketer (great city btw)! For someone who wanted an entirely different path, it is definitely a deviance.

However, even though I won’t call myself a very optimistic person, I do see my new job as a marketer as being very advantageous; a means to an end, if you will. It is definitely building my confidence, my people skills, and, of course, my bank account <wink>.

This job is definitely (how many times have I used ‘definitely’?) not what I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing. I still have dreams of becoming a renowned writer, and getting my PhD soon; and, I am still working towards these.  I am working on my PhD proposal and have even been in contact with certain schools. Also, I have already submitted manuscripts to a myriad of agents and some publishing houses (some of which have sent rejection letters to me; if they only knew how unfazed I am). <singing> If only you knew, I ain’t gonna stop, I’m gonna keep pushing till I smash that door open <singing>. (P.s. Don’t  waste your time trying to look for this song).

So, here I am. I got peanuts instead of a cake, metaphorically speaking (of course; and if you’re not a big fan of cake or peanuts, feel free to substitute). Big deal, I’m making the best of my peanuts; it’s only an appetiser for the cake that is yet to come. Yum, I’m salivating in anticipation – I do have a sweet tooth!

Forget the 'happy birthday', this cake literally has my name written on it!

You may be working at a job you don’t like or you might even still be

jobless, but try to make the best of your situation. Use whatever you have or can find to build yourself, so that when you finally achieve your goal, you will be fully prepared for it. Again, even though you might not be where you want to be right now, never stop working towards the actualisation of your dreams.

Peanuts today, cake tomorrow… remember that.

Peace out!

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