Posted by: brionybragg | November 12, 2011

So, another year of hunting for a training contract begins….

So, as another year of training contract hunting begins, I sat down and asked myself this morning if I had become a better candidate since January of last year when I began to apply for vacation schemes.

The answer? Well I actually think it’s a resounding yes. Have I taken on board my feedback and learned more about the City? Yes, I can tell you all about initial public offerings, how inflation affects the markets, how this would have an effect on a law firm and its operational structure. Have I learned what the role is of a trainee is in a transaction. Yes, they’re not just glorified document-checkers, they’re a critical part of helping the firm meet its client’s goals quickly, effectively and impressively and play a critical role in helping them meet their business perspectives. Have I engaged in more extra-curricular activities and widened my CV? Yes, with two jobs and a dissertation, I think I can manage my time quite well!

So with that, I shall press on with my applications. Hopefully, things will work out the way I want them to this year. Fingers crossed!

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