Posted by: Michael Russell | April 12, 2012

Carpe Diem!

Hello again to all you bloggers and future graduates. This small contribution to the careering ahead universe is an update and I hope some of you readers find something useful in this blog that you can carry into your professional lives.

I recently began working for English Heritage as a Historic Properties Steward at Housesteads Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall. This role has many tasks making the job varied and exciting which helps build up my CV and add skills previously lacking. The tasks include:

  • Selling English Heritage Membership
  • Making sales in the gift shop including guide books
  • Engaging with the public about Housesteads and Roman Archaeology
  • Education work which involves running Discovery Visits for school groups
  • Daily site checks

The point I wish to make is that a job is what you make it. I have found it important to be doing more than is expected of me as I wish to have a career with English Heritage. I will be taking every oppotunity to take on different roles beyond my job description such as:

  • Doing extra hours on other sites such as Chesters Roman Fort
  • Meeting the curators and offering support (An important one for me because I would like to become a curator); Maybe even do some voluntary work with the curators
  • Offering to do guided tours and to learn from the people who do them already

To achive the above I will simply speak up and I will ask; there is a saying in English Heritage regarding selling Memberships and it is Just Ask!I will use my personal development meetings to put across what I want to achieve as well as taking on board the advice and guidence offered to me from a great team.

Soldiers at Housesteads

These Soldiers signed up for 25 years service in the Roman Army; I hope to have an association with English Heritage that could last alot longer.

I hope people will find this entry useful for when they do get into an organisation that they want to progress in. I will also give a big shout out to my readers in America. In particular to one who just had a birthday; Happy Birthday.


  1. Hello, I am in a similar situation I have an interview for a historic property steward myself, do you have any advice for the interview, would be appreciated

    • Hi, yes there is some advice I can give, if you have retail/sales experience, emphasise that first because thats what they look for, if you are a history student/graduate that is a bonus to them.

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