Posted by: Charlotte | June 12, 2012

To CV or not to CV?

Another post on CVs. Probably my final one, don’t want to overload! Just thought I’d share a few interesting CVs, a set of howlers and list of ‘what not to do’.

If you are applying for a creative career, perhaps your CV is your prime chance to showcase your creative flair?

This is an interesting idea for a CV from a web application developer.

Maybe this Jazzy CV, for what appears to be a graphic designer/media job, could give you some ideas, although for me the downfall is the graph including coffee intake!

If you’re better at communicating through spoken rather than written word, could a video CV work for you? The daring soul who produced this example got the job he was applying for!

If a video CV or a quirky colourful one pager isn’t for you then stick to the traditional CV. This recent article talks about howlers found on CVs. Honestly, there’s trying to catch someone’s eye and there’s citing God as a referee!

Main take home messages are:

– spell check

– write a covering letter

– don’t lie – here’s what happened to some people who did!


  1. Great strategies for a good career prospect, liked it out a lot.

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