Posted by: arydaeva | February 13, 2013

First steps

Some may call it almost paranoid, but I became very cautious about my work experience, portfolio and future employability from the first month of my Stage 1. These worries are heavily enhanced by the fact, that I, unlike most of my peers, will have to compete not only over work places, but also over Tier 2 visa. The quest to convince my future employers, that I will worth those visa queries and complications, seems to be tough. However, the prime concern for me was to decide, who these employers will even be – journalism itself is a pretty broad field. After long and painful thoughts about political, financial and, subsequently, scientific journalism and studying the differences between news writing and feature writing, I’ve set my choice on travel journalism. May be, I’ve just read too much “National Geographic” issues and been inspired by bright photographs, may be, it’s not going to get me anywhere, but it definitely worth trying.

I haven’t thought about the official internship or part-time work placement yet, however, I certainly need practice and am going to use every opportunity. This aim combines successfully with my everlasting pursuit of extra cash, which tends to melt and fade irrevocably in the damaging presence of societies’ fees, sport sessions, tango balls and trips to Manchester and London.

So, my first attempt to gain some valuable practice along with valuable prize was participating in the “Just back” weekly travel writing competition, organised by “The Telegraph”. I submitted required 500-words piece of writing prior to usual Wednesday deadline, and now will anticipate the results to be published on Friday. Fortunately, the competition runs every week, so, even if I won’t succeed this time, I’ll have plenty of more opportunities to go.

Meanwhile, I’m planning to get involved in writing for “The Courier”, but about this – next time…

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