Posted by: emrae1 | February 13, 2013

How many Year Abroad jobs should I apply for?

Recently I’ve been organising my Year Abroad and spending an inordinate amount of time applying to advertised placements, and an even longer time searching and applying speculatively.

When I started the application process I had no clue how many applications I should send off. A Google search of ‘2012 How many jobs should I apply for’ reveals no useful advice for students on what is the right or realistic number. The general consensus of Recruitment advisors is to concentrate on quality, not quantity.

In the end I sent off 27 applications (6 advertised, 21 speculative) in less than 3 weeks, pretty confident with my CV and thinking surely the more the merrier. I think it’s important for people wanting to work abroad to apply to as many jobs as possible as it’s probably one of the only times you are able to work anywhere in a country. The breakdown of my results below shows that out of 27 I happily ended up with 3 job offers and a months work experience.

NB: A follow-up email was sent to every company if they did not reply in a week.

  • No. applications to advertised Language Assistantships: 6 (2 replies offering interviews which lead to 2 job offers, 1 reply where the company had no vacancies however the employer forwarded my email to her daughter who also had a language school and this lead to another interview and job offer)
  • No. speculative applications to Language schools: 8 (1 reply saying they had no vacancies, 1 reply saying they liked my application and to email again in the Spring)
  • No. speculative applications to independent Hotels in France: 2 (0 replies)
  • No. speculative applications to English newspapers/magazines in France: 6 (1 reply saying they liked my application but their company offered no work experience, 1 reply offering a months work experience)
  • No. speculative applications to English bookshops in France: 5 (1 reply saying they liked my application but no vacancies)


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