Posted by: drokos | February 14, 2013

Passport to Work: enhancing your CV with every possible way

Recently, as I was going through my c-weekly e-mail, I noticed the “Passport to Work”, which is basically a scheme that aims to give students short-term unpaid work experience and work shadowing in areas such as hospitality, customer service, administration and retail.passporttowork

The basic idea behind this program is to give you the chance of getting work experience fast so as to enhance your CV and increase your chances of getting a job in the UK.  Even though critics of the concept of unpaid work would rush to condemn it, the fact is that every little skill, and experience can make a difference in the pursuit of your career.   With the accomplishment of the scheme, certificates are given describing the experience gained, that can be shown to a potential employer.  Sessions are only 2-4 hours long, ideal for students with packed schedule and give the opportunity to observe staff during the main tasks of their job.  International students can also build on their language skills, something very crucial for communicating effectively in the workplace.  The truth is that academic experience and in-depth knowledge provides you with the theoretical platform and is the basis for a successful career, however, practical skills are considered by many employers as extremely important.  It can give to a person with no work experience whatsoever, an advantage to compete in a high competitive job market.

For more info and applications:

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