Posted by: Michelle | February 14, 2013

The first steps are always the hardest

Nervousness, excitement and doubts – this words describe the best the way I felt on my first day of my first real employment. Don’t get me wrong I did internships before but those where only for one or two weeks to just gain some insight. But now, this was something different. I got a full time six month internship in a public relations department of a live entertainment company – and this time they actually expected me to…well,… work.

Days before the actual internship started I began to think about an appropriate outfit, did some further research about the company and even read through my notes from the public relations lectures. Just in case. Then the day was there and I quickly noticed that there was nothing to worry about.

There were of course times in the first couple of weeks when I felt really unsure about something. For instance, I was so nervous about my first phone call to a journalist that I waited for a moment when my colleagues I shared an office with went outside so that I could do it without an audience. But there will always be a way to handle it. I realized that they don’t expect you to be perfect from the beginning on – it is okay to ask questions and it is okay to don’t know everything right away. The first steps are always the hardest as you don’t know what to expect and what people are expecting from you. But once you have started you continue step by step and suddenly, without really realizing it, you are part of the working world and do things with a certainty you thought before you were never able to do.


  1. Well done on your six month internship! Do you think having smaller internships really helped you to secure a longer paid internship? I’m beginning to apply for placements but I’m not sure if it might be worth gaining a bit of work experience over a few weeks first!

    • thanks, I was so excited about it! It can defs be helpful having smaller internships. Still, I would always try to go for longer ones (if you have the time) as these are the internships that help you get your first real employement. If that’s not working out and you can’t get one you can then still apply for short term internships

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