Posted by: Michelle | March 24, 2013

Decisions to make

Researching the perfect dissertation topic

“Choose a topic which will help you get a job!” was a very popular comment of all our lecturers when we had to start thinking about our Bachelor’s thesis.“If you want to do something with social media later on, write about social media in your dissertation!” Well, it kind of sounds reasonable.

And now, here we go again: Few weeks ago I had to prepare the research proposal for my Master’s dissertation but this time I was struggling a bit more. Will my thesis really pave the way for my future employment? Call me rebellious but even I know what kind of job I want to do after my studies I have still decided for a completely different topic for my thesis.

 So far everything matches perfectly together: my internships, my trainee, my undergraduate studies, my Bachelor’s thesis and now my postgraduate studies. If I’m now going to write again in the exact same area I kind of feel that I narrow it down too much, that I over-specialise.

I want to leave a door open with my thesis for other possibilities, to show that I’m not one-side. It is not so much that my topic is now completely unrelated, it is rather that the angle is completely different.

 I don’t deny that a good topic might help you to get a job. But I think that it really depends on your situation and that it is more about choosing a topic with which you feel really confident.

What do you think? Did I decide wrong? For what and how did you decide?

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