Posted by: esmeashia | April 1, 2013

I think… I think I’m falling in love with you.

When I first left school, I wasn’t sure that you were the perfect fit for me… I thought about all the things I could have done as a ‘free woman’ – go travelling and see the world, gain extensive work experience, and maybe take my first step on the dream career path… But then I met you. Four years along the line, and I’ve learnt so much from you, seen so many places, and experienced other cultures…

I love you, Uni; and I’m not sure if I’m ready to let you go.

If you too, have fallen head over heels for academia, you might be weighing up the benefits of a Masters… So I’m going to lay some points down for ya’ll.

They demand a higher degree of self-discipline than a Bachelors, so if you’re really only wanting to put off the ‘real world’ for an extra year, and you’re no good at motivating yourself to work: they’re not a good idea. A Masters is no easy ride; but luckily employers know this; so it’ll demonstrate your diligence (and hopefully set you on-track for that perfect job). Pretty much “everyone” our age now has a degree, but a masters is something really special that could set you apart from the others in the eyes of prospective employers… And it’s pretty important distinguish yourself from the other 957,000 16-24year olds currently unemployed in the UK.

Fees seem to vary wildly depending on the institution; but no matter where they are, it’s still quite a large investment. I was gawking at one course at LSE that I quite fancied, and I might’ve been able to afford…if I sold a kidney. One kidney down, one bank of knowledge up: perhaps a fair trade-off. But an investment is an investment, and the money spent on a Masters will no doubt come back round once you’ve landed that perfect job. Now, if you stay on to do a Masters at Newcastle, us old-flames are offered a good chunk (20%) off tuition fees… Academic-romance satisfaction at a discount? ‘Hollah’, sounds like a viable option.

Well, if you or I end up deciding that we want our sweet relationship with Newcastle back after walking out on it after graduation… I suppose we can always stand outside its window with a boom-box pumping out love-sick tracks until it’ll have us back.

I’m a positive kind of person, and I refuse to believe that any decision we make now is going to be life ruining, or wholly un-doable. So take it easy, explore what you really want, and what’ll be really good for you.

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