Posted by: EmmaMountain | April 9, 2013

Location, Location, Location

Determined to pave a good career for myself I feel I should optimise on my first whiff of freedom and seriously consider relocating to the place with the best opportunities. For someone who makes most of her life decisions by flipping a coin though, I felt I should probably put a little more thought into what part of the country I should live in, and so far I have managed to narrow it down to three options. Should I move to London or Newcastle, or should I stay at home until I work my way up the career ladder? It’s proving a really tough decision, hence this little pro and con list to help me along.


Recruiting my London friends to help me make life decisions over cocktails



– My long-term dream job would be to work in a beauty PR firm, of which most are located in London.

– I love the atmosphere of London.


– The costs of living in London mean that my accommodation and general lifestyle will be pretty grim.

– I do not know London very well, I’ve never lived independently before and I will not have my family to advise me so I will no doubt end up accidentally living in a crack den.

– I’ll have to flat share with people who I don’t know/may not like.



– I’d be able to live comfortably in a flat of my own with a reasonably good lifestyle.

– I’ll still be near my friends and family but with my own life where I can do what I want.


– Job opportunities in my dream field are extremely thin on the ground in Newcastle.



– Financially the best option.


– Job opportunities are extremely thin on the ground in my dream career field.

– Even though I love my family to bits the thought of living with them until I have a really good job makes me want to eat my own kidneys.

It’s a really difficult decision and I’m finding it really hard to decide one way or the other, so I’d love any advice anyone has, or, feel free to play God and make the decision for me in a comment or to my email address !


  1. My first advice would be don’t eat your kidneys – you may just need them 😉
    You could also have a chat with one of our careers advisers to explore your options with an impartial professional – no appointment needed (and no kidney eating – we promise!)
    Good luck!

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