Posted by: arydaeva | April 16, 2013

Building up

Hello, guys – haven’t seen you for a while! I can’t wait to tell you, what was happening with me during last months.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find time to join “The Courier”, which is a real shame, but I got involved in a journalistic project, organized by our German department. We were creating a newsletter, dedicated to life and work of Kurt Schwitters – German artist, who fled to UK during World War 2. It was a first serious writing project for me – with meetings, discussions, training and personal tasks. I chose to write an article about exhibition of Schwitters’ works, held in “Tate Britain”. This quest involved going to London and preparing an interview with an exhibition’s curator.  I was extremely nervous, but it was a real adventure for me. It was intended to be short article, no more than 500 words, but I found myself excavating dozens of information about the artist’s biography, friends and affairs, the era and the political climate, Dadaists, Abstractionists and the birth of pop-art.

The exhibition, dedicated to Schwitters, will open in the Hatton Gallery on the 9th of May, and one of its sections will contain some of ours articles – hopefully, mine too. I still can’t have too much of the fact, that my article will be printed on paper, and will have my name written in bold under it, and, may be, even a photograph. Of course, the work was non-paid, but it was a great experience and it added something to my future journalistic portfolio.

Also, in the last days I experienced a tremble of first CV composing. I couldn’t drag myself from the Careers Service brochures in process, and just hope that the information about my voluntary work, several languages and school education was enough to convince the employer. Meanwhile, I tried to be creative and called the packing and sorting bulks of donated books in the safestore “logistics management”…

I have recently applied for some part-time positions, mainly sales representative ones – I am really into flexibility and self-dependence, which they provide. However, I am not sure about my success. Fingers cross! 

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