Posted by: Charlotte | May 2, 2013

Becoming employable in the long run…whilst on placement

So for my first post as a late comer to the team, I thought I’d take you back to the beginning of this academic year and how I decided to become employable. I can then go on to tell you the craziness that is now… 

I have been attending training for voluntary work as a children’s after school activity facilitator, for the past month. Within my training I have covered the history and ethos of the project but, also had a practice run of most of the activities that they offer. Wednesday was my first session with the children where I would be leading the session- as opposed to assisting. Along with another trainee volunteer, I lead a sewing class for four children, whilst being observed by my supervisor. The task was for the children to create a small cushion and decorate it to reflect their personality. I felt slightly apprehensive as this was the first time that I had worked with children aged 7 and 11 years. However, I was able to build a good rapport with them quickly. So, I put my efforts into ensuring that they were enjoying the activity and ensuring that they received encouragement and praise. I gave them a detailed description of the activity and helped them when appropriate. One of my main aims was to encourage them to develop sewing skills and use them independently to do simple stitching tasks.

I feel that the experience helped to prepare me for my first day in the literacy clinic, which occurred today. It gave me confidence for working in an unfamiliar environment and gave me a method by which to build rapport with a different client group to my previous experiences. Planning the activity for the day and planning next week’s activities has given me a real buzz. I am looking forward to my return next Wednesday when I will be able to facilitate an activity of a different nature with a larger group of children.

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