Posted by: Michelle | May 17, 2013

That ‘gut feeling’…

I think everyone was already in a situation where a decision had to be made and even the answer was kind of obvious there was still that gut feeling that told you otherwise. When should we trust and when should we question our intuition?

Follow your instincts

I applied once for a full-time job and was invited to an interview. The interview went really well and even I knew that this kind of job wasn’t the totally perfect match it was still a really decent possibility. Back then I was in a tight spot, I just moved to the city and I really needed a job as fast as possible. When I got the phone call and they offered me the position I accepted it instantly.

But then, right after we hang up there was this feeling that this might have been not the best choice but there was no reason at all for that: The timing was perfect, they would pay me a decent salary, the job description matched and the team members I met were really nice. But still, there was this feeling…

The first day of the job went by and I right away thought ‘you’re not going to work here for very long’. They weren’t prepared for me at all, didn’t introduce me, didn’t show me around and didn’t have any tasks for me to do at all.

conscious levelBefore I started to work there I just came from a more than perfect internship and I thought that may be just the huge amount of changes I didn’t like so much. I was new again, didn’t know the working procedures and the colleagues…

The next days I started to look for work for myself, asked my colleagues how I can help and tried to figure the rest out by myself. But the weeks passed and nothing changed. There was just nothing to do for me and I didn’t understand why they hired me in the first place. And there was just this questions which drove me crazy:

Why did you not listen to your gut feeling?

I’m not a person who gives up easily so I approached my boss for a talk. It was quite successful and I really thought now it’s going to get better. They really tried and I really tried but somehow there was still that problem that there wasn’t just much to do. I thought about giving up so many times but I always thought something like ‘you can’t just give up after the first month’ or ‘just try to finish that next month’.

I managed to finish the job as it was agreed in the contract. Even the working situation didn’t changed so much I got along really well with my colleagues and this somehow kept me moving on. And here’s the big question: Did I regret in hindsight the decision to work there?

You might be surprise but no. I think I learned more then I would have learned in any other job. I found my own small projects, did lots of researches especially about social media and the media market and was always totally up to date with the latest changes.

I’m sorry that this post got longer than expected and normally I would avoid it. But I think at some point everyone will have such an experience and I wanted to take the possibility to show you that you should never give up easily. Even in a disappointing work experience (or rather because of it) you will learn a lot and that sometimes, even your gut feeling was right, it is good to decide otherwise. That’s just life. There is a humorous saying which I think is perfect to end with:



  1. I would agree with this Michelle – we don’t always make what seems to be the right decisions at the time – but it’s all a learning experience! 🙂

  2. Yes ‘life’s for learning’ as it said in an old song. Interesting question about whether it’s good to follow your ‘gut instincts’. For many students up to their ears in academic thery and argument, I’d say yes – but there is a type of person that follows every single hunch with a dramatic, knee-jerk reaction – and ends up in a load of trouble!

  3. Also to say – I know you know this already Michelle – but if ever you (or any of our other students and recent grads) want to discuss their ‘gut feelings’ with one of our careers advisers – please do drop in and see us. We aren’t here to judge and it can be useful to bounce your ideas off someone who is impartial . 🙂

  4. It is always happen to me. A huge decision whether to pursue a career or not. I always follow what my instinct says. It happens every time when I apply to a job, either it is suited to me or not. Anyway, Thanks for the tips. I surely follow what my instinct would say.

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