Posted by: esmeashia | May 23, 2013

Right… I’m back!!

They say final year is the year that anything in your world that can go wrong, will go wrong… and despite being a jinx, I sniffed at the prophesy.

Completely unpredictable incidents seem quite happy just to stroll in and disturb the peace at this pivotal point in your life… Their lingering aftermath has no shame in outstaying its welcome and seems pretty comfortable inviting some of its other friends to come and visit unexpectedly. I’m not talking about unwanted houseguests; I’m talking about unwanted drama.

Now, I reckon I’ve experienced half of the ‘life-dramas’ described by our lecturers; all the way from getting my coat caught and ripped in my Spicycle on the way to an exam, to losing someone really close to me. And despite my serious planning and organising for this year, it’s kind of knocked my flow. I clearly forgot to pencil in several lost days a month for ‘drama’.

… So my genius plan to line up a job for post-graduation may not quite work out how I’d originally planned… The time taken to deal with personal or academic problems can eat a significant chunk out of the job-hunting timetable. And like me, you might have to take a while for yourself to get back on it. And then the question becomes- what did I do and where are all the jobs?!

Is there a way to combat the stress of this? I’m not sure there’s one thing that answers al of it. But I’ve got a few that are working for me now…

Don’t panic: there’s no point spreading yourself thinly over all bases, it’s better to do less and do it right. And that something should be uni work. There’s not much use in finding that dream job, if you’re not going to come out with the grades you need to get it.

Concentrate: every moment in your day counts. If you’re procrastinating, take the day off; then you’ll actually enjoy yourself, and the fear will set in the next day to propel you forwards.

Enjoy life: even if its just eating something awesome for lunch, seeing a friend in the library, or walking into uni- make it count. Add music. Do a little dance in a toilet cubicle where no one can see you. Do little things to make yourself smile.

Talk: surprising amounts of people will listen- tutors and support staff, family, friends… It can be really useful to have a second viewpoint on things. And more often than not, you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing.

Meditate: yeeeeeah, I said it. It’s fantastic, and I’m sure it’s for everyone. I started a regime of plugging in every night to this app called ‘Take 10’ and it’s amazing- ten minutes a day, dedicated to you, that completely . It’s much easier than you think, try it!!

… It will probably all be fine. I’m looking for the right job, not any job; hopefully it’ll stay true and wait for me.


  1. Oh – interesting – if slightly disturbing 🙂 choice of picture on your post. Quite put me off my cup of tea!
    Sorry to read you’ve been going through a tough time. Sounds like you are taking some really practical, positive steps to combat stress. If there’s anything we can help you with please just pop in and see us.
    If any of our students are going through a tough time with stress – don’t forget the student wellbeing team are really supportive – or if you want to talk to someone who isn’t Uni staff – the Student Advice Centre in the student Union are good listeners and everything is confidential!
    Not to sound like an episode of Hollyoaks or anything but if anyone out there is coping with any kind of drama in their lives (whether that be exam stress or anything else) please do TALK to someone – whether Uni staff, Union staff, family or friends. We do care – honestly!

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