Posted by: Lahari | May 24, 2013

A soon-to-be-a-graduate’s dilemma


I am an international student from Singapore who has come to study Marketing and Management degree here. As I approach the end of my course, I am faced with options just like every other person who’s going to graduate. Here are mine.

Finding a job vs Pursuing a Masters degree 

As a business student, I would imagine that these three years have given me the base to understand the dynamic business world. However, I feel that only after working in a company would I truly start learning first hand and put these theories into use. I am pretty sure that students in placements can attest to that. Moreover, in the age of split-second information exchange, most of the course learnt might even run the risk of being outdated! Refer to the (outdated) youtube video

 So I have decided to work. But where?  ‘Investment bankers in the U.K. favor working in Singapore over New York and London’ says Bloomberg. But I am no banker. I would like to explore what else Britain has to offer after having lived here for three years. Moreover, I could always go back to Singapore. Its the classic case of the grass is greener on the other side. But after having seen both sides, I am willing to give Britain another try. But is it willing to give me a shot?

 The alteration of Post-study work arrangements has greatly affected the employability of many international students. I understand the need for the government to do this but I also believe that if I am talented, I will get opportunities. So if you’re in the same boat as me, good luck to you! We will survive! 🙂 



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    Are you an undergraduate international student coming to the end of your final year? One of our Careering Ahead bloggers has written about her experiences and the choices she now faces…

  2. Nice post 🙂
    Don’t forget, if you want to pop in and discuss your options with one of our team – please do! End of degree time/exam time and decision making can be really stressful. Of course any decision is ultimately yours – but we are here to help!…..

  3. Good post
    Yes sharing your experience is good idea keep on updating

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